Each year there are Moultrie County property owners who pay their real estate property taxes late or neglect to pay them at all. Any unpaid balance due may then be subject to sale to a third party at a tax sale. It is important to note, the property itself is not sold, just the taxes. For actual date of Tax Sale contact the Moultrie County Treasurer's office at 217-728-4032. After the tax sale, you will be liable for the tax amount sold at the tax sale, interest at a rate determined the day of the sale as well as other fees and penalties.

Once taxes are sold, a notice prepared by the tax buyer, called a "Take Notice," is sent by certified mail from the Clerk's office within 4 months and 15 days of the tax sale. The "Take Notice" will notify you of the amount you owe, when that amount will change, and the expiration date for your redemption. If you do not redeem your taxes within 2 1/2 years, the tax buyer has the legal right to petition the court for a deed to the property. The Clerk's office can provide you with a Redemption Estimate, detailing the amount necessary to redeem (pay) your taxes and remove the threat of losing your property.

The Clerk's office provides proofs of payment, called Redemption Receipts, which document the payment of redemption funds.

The Treasurer's office provides calculations of delinquent taxes owed from prior years when those taxes have not been sold and are either "open" (pending action or review) or "forfeited" (previously offered for sale but not sold).