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What do I need a permit for?

How much are Building Permits?

Does a building permit expire?

What are setbacks?

How do I know what is allowed in my Zoning District?

How do I know what my property is Zoned?

Do I need a permit to put a new roof, siding, or replacement windows on/in my home?

Do I need a permit to tear down a building on my property?

What if I want to build closer to my property line than is allowed or use my property or building for a use not allowed in my zoning district?

If I live in town, are the Ordinances different than what the County has?

How do I find my property lines?

Does the county enforce Covenants or Deed restrictions?

Do I need a permit for a building on skids?

Can I change the Zoning of my property?

How do I find my PIN (Permanent Index Number)?

So your home is in a floodplain, what does that mean for you?

Does my building need inspected and who do I call for an inspection?

How to turn on the Zoning Layer on he GIS Map