The Department of Planning and Zoning is charged with regulating the division of land in the unincorporated areas of Moultrie County. The Land Subdivision Regulations were adopted in 1977 pursuant to Chapter 55, Section 5/5, Paragraph 1041 of the Illinois Compiled Statutes.

Anytime a tract of land in the County outside any city, town, or village is split into two or more parts, it may be subject to meeting subdivision requirements. If it is determined that the split does not fall under the definition of a subdivision, then a plat prepared by a licensed surveyor must be submitted for approval to the County.

Preliminary Plan: In some instances a preliminary plan showing the layout concept of a tract including streets and lots proposed must be approved prior to submission of a final plat of the land to be divided. Once a preliminary plan is approved, portions of the plan may be submitted in stages for final plat approval. The preliminary plan process includes an initial staff review, a public hearing in front of the Moultrie County Regional Planning Commission, and final approval by the County Board.

Final Plat: Once a final plat of a subdivision is approved and recorded in the office of the Moultrie County Recorder, the newly created lots may be conveyed by lot description.