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1. What is my PIN # / Parcel #?

2. I have not received my tax bill yet. When will I get it?

3. What if I do not receive a tax bill?

4. What if I just purchased the property and didn't own it last year?

5. What year is this tax bill for?

6. What if I receive a tax bill for a property I no longer own?

7. My mortgage company pays my tax bill, why did I receive a tax bill in the mail?

8. When is each installment due?

9. Can I pay both installments at once?

10. Do you accept a postmark as being on time?

11. What are the different ways that I can pay my bill?

12. What happens if I must pay late?

13. Do you send any reminders?

14. When do you stop taking personal checks and business checks and e-checks?

15. What happens if I cannot pay my taxes? What will happen to my property?

16. Whom do I contact with questions about my bill?

17. Why does the County charge a convenience fee on credit and debit card transactions?

18. No one else charges me a fee for using a credit card or debit card, why on taxes?

19. How is the convenience fee arrived at? It seems high?