Dogs and cats are required by law to be current with their rabies vaccinations and dogs need to be registered each year. Failure to vaccinate and/or register could result in a fine. Further information concerning animals within Moultrie County can be found in the Animal Control Code of Moultrie County. 

The Moultrie County Treasurer maintains the registration system and is the collecting agent. All pet owners are encouraged to register the same day of the vaccination to prevent any additional fees. If you choose to pay by mail for the registration, please send the documentation of the rabies vaccination from your veterinarian, along with the appropriate fee, and a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

                    Moultrie County Treasurer's Office
                    10 S. Main, Ste. 10
                    Sullivan, IL 61951


The registration fee for dogs or cats (spayed, neutered, or under 1 year old) is $5. The tag is good for 1 year. If your dog or cat has the three (3) year shot, you must return annually for a new tag. 


If your pet becomes lost or injured and is wearing its tag, the Animal Control/Shelter personnel have a greater chance of reuniting you with your pet. The number of the tag can be traced back to the registration form and you will be called. Please make sure you notify the Treasurer's office if you need to update your information. You can make changes to ownership, pet name, address, or if you need to report a missing, lost, or deceased pet. 

For further information, please contact the Treasurer's office. To ensure that we are updating the correct file, please have the registration certificate number, tag number, citation number, pet name, owner name, and address. 

The number for Moultrie County Animal Control is 217-728-2018.